"John has been a big help in enabling us to develop an idea of the direction for us to follow in developing our culture. In addition, his coaching and facilitation has helped us take the steps to get there." - Nico de Witt Vice President AT ABB Asset Management

"John has a pragmatic, approachable and down to earth style that suited the various personalities in my sales and marketing team. By teaching us to deal with root causes rather than the superficial issues we were able to improve our teamwork and ultimately our results." - Lorraine Moser, Sales and Marketing Manager, Nutra Life Health & Fitness (NZ) Ltd

"John, many from the group asked me to convey our thanks for the excellent sessions you ran here. We all really got a lot out of it and the result you facilitated is already being put into place. It will create a fundamental shift in emphasis from me pushing deadlines and next steps onto the group at what have become very long meetings - with not all content relevant to all participants, to the project champions running their own interactive communication portals over the intra-net." - Roger Marty, Managing Director, Felton Industries Ltd

"With John's help we were able to resolve a lot of the issues relating to how our team works and consequently meet the high targets we set for ourselves." - Darryn Shepherd, Extrusion Manager, Amcor Flexible Packaging Ltd

"John was able to help us to identify the keys areas that made us effective as a group, and the key areas where improvement or change was needed. Our whole team really enjoyed the training and there were clear changes in behaviour following the training. I was also very impressed with how John was able to adapt to the different culture and approach in China, and also how flexible he was with both the course structure and flow." - Anthony Richardson, General Manager, DGL International (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd, Shanghai, China

"John is able to bring together key issues and ideas for problem solving in a realistic but positive way. He does this by reference to a lot of experience with facilitating business change and culture development work. That perspective allows John to confidently and calmly guide people to resolutions and ways forward. The programmes he delivers are not about John, they are about the client, he is that easy to work with." - Geoff Walker, Principal, WHK, Auckland

"John's coaching knowledge, skills and calm reflective approach have been instrumental in raising our understanding of the impact that different leadership styles have on our business performance. He has tailored his input to the needs of our talent management and leadership succession programs, and helped drive the way we do business." - Laurie Finlayson, Human Resources Director, Kensington Swan

"We engaged John to work with one of our management teams and his leadership effectiveness training and coaching got the results we hoped for. It was a big help for our senior manager in helping his managers become noticeably more effective and helped him build a more committed and engaged management. The management team had little experience in undergoing any form of independent self analysis and were somewhat nervous about being part of the process. John's facilitation style and suite of tools allowed him to achieve the desired results for the business while keeping the team engaged and increasing their desire to learn and develop." - Allyn Glaysher, General Manager, Human Resources, Aotearoa Fisheries

"Having worked with John several times now on workplace improvement and performance programmes, I feel his personable approach and ability to engage staff at all levels is a major contributing factor to the results achieved." - Clive Tucker, General Manager, Replika Manufacturing Ltd

"Over the last ten years or so John has provided consultancy services within the organisational improvement space to various performance based businesses I have managed. The process, applications and John's personal approach helps us develop and improve our culture which shows improvement at an individual level almost immediately, with the culture within the business progressively improved over time. These transformational changes within my organisations have had a direct positive impact in a number of areas, personal development, ownership and accountability, improved individual and team performance. Although these are intangibles, the investment in John's services flows through to our bottom line improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending John to others looking to improve the culture within their business." - Brett Radford, General Manager, Performance Based Partnerships (Plant Reliability and Maintenance Services), ABB Australia

"John was very customer focussed in all his work with us and very good to deal with. He arrived at good recommendations based on both data and business culture. He was seen as credible at all levels and a valued contributor. I have used John's services at two companies and outside of New Zealand and would not hesitate to use him again." - Grant Fraser, Human Resources Manager, Dulux

"John understands business and people, and how to strategically optimise this relationship. His ability to build rapport quickly, connect with client needs, and to engage their employees effectively is particularly impressive. John seamlessly draws out reasons behind current behaviours in a non-threatening way in order to facilitate sustainable engagement and positive culture change. He has a knack for detecting what needs to be done and to suggest and implement a best approach to deal with the issues at hand." - Lehan Stemmet, Manager of Business Training, Manukau Institute of Technology

"John has been working with our firm for two years now, helping to develop a strong leadership group with shared values and a secure sense of their individual contributions to the business's success. It hasn't been easy - our leader's group have recently expanded, bringing new expectations and challenges to old norms. John's clever use of formal and robust analysis tools, combined with empathetic facilitation and personal development planning has enabled us to better understand our individual and combined strengths, shortfalls and opportunities. The outcome has been real sustained behavioural and performance change for the better. We are a better functioning team now in no small part due to John's intervention!" - Murray Pugh, Chief Executive, Stephenson & Turner

"The programme we did in 2012 (delivered by Action Learning) was great for bringing improvements into our operation. It was good to compare our practices with world class companies and it got us on track to achieving the objectives our directors set for us. Staff motivation improved, as most of the programme was about team work and improving work methods." - Leo Brant, Moulding Manager, Sulo Talbot

"The MBIE programme put together by John was a relelation to our management team. We were able to understand clearly how we need to operate in future at an individual level to become more effective in both performing our roles and helping our workforce to become more engaged in resolving problems and implementing performance focussed solutions. I recommend it to any organisation seeking to adopt a modern approach to managing." - Ivan Ramsey, Managing Director, H J Cooper

"I've engaged John,on several occasions, to design and facilitate culture development and communication workshops for Firth Industries. He is a likeable and skilled facilitator who provides excellent materials and demonstrable results. His sessions gained very positive feedback. John is great to work with - very helpful, flexible (to suit the business needs) and goes the extra mile". - Victoria Donohue, Learning & Development Advisor & Facilitator, Firth Industries.

"We have been working with John over the last 18 months- primarily on undertaking the Life Styles Inventory surveys which is a part of our company's culture development programme. The surveys have been a really useful tool to identify and understand individual and company behavioural characteristics and to identify areas for improvement. John has a very sound understanding of these concepts, how they are interpreted and how to develop plans for performance improvement. The latest feedback from our people is that they are getting good value from this work.John has a direct style and does not let people "off the hook" - which ensures any issues are addressed." - James Gray, Director, Canary Enterprises Limited.

"We engaged with John in 2012 when we commenced a program of leadership development within the business. As a technology company staffed predominantly by engineers, software developers and others of a technical bent, it was important that any development initiatives that we implemented were supported by quality data and proven concepts.
We chose the LSI as our feedback tool and John as our facilitator and coach. John's style is sufficiently relaxed to suit the technology sector and his no-nonsense and pragmatic approach works well with people who want to dispense with the "fluff" and get on with business.
John creates a 'safe' learning environment where participants do not feel threatened but where the necessary feedback is never the less powerfully delivered. For some this has been a confronting but hugely beneficial process. John has followed up with excellent one on one coaching sessions helping our leaders to develop action plans for their further development.
Our program has been running for two years and we have just negotiated with John to further engage him for our next round of feedback and coaching workshops. We have seen notable improvements in leadership behaviours among our management and executive teams and a far greater willingness by them to engage in further coaching and leadership capability development. Having started off as somewhat skeptical and suspicious, they are now advocates for the effectiveness of a quality program and the benefits of 360 feedback.
I highly recommend John's approach as being effective and I look forward to working with John on future projects, knowing that the results he achieves speak for themselves." - Sandra De Kock, Manager, People, Performance & Culture, Invenco Group Ltd.

"John's direct approach and advice on specific issues has lead to positive changes in several of my key relationships. My own changes needed to be done very consciously and were sometimes difficult to make. However, the results were dramatic, almost instant and well worth the energy that was put in." - Simon Morley, Project Coordinator, Buckley Systems Ltd.