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How to run a palace coup

How Bees Work and their Quirky Parallels with Human Organisations. Read more about the way bees organize themselves into hives >

Making self directed teams work- how Cambridge Clothing retains apparel manufacturing in New Zealand

People are most motivated when they can decide how to work, how to organise themselves and what to do. John Laurent outlines how Cambridge Clothing took the next step after 'lean' to sustain apparel manufacturing in New Zealand. Read more about making self directed teams work here >

Increasing engagement

The formula for raising engagement levels is simple and it works, says John Laurent. Develop leaders who value finding out from employees what is wrong, and help leaders help employees fix what is wrong. Read more about Increasing Engagement here >

Culture change - beating the odds against success
Lessons from a fantastic learning experience with six companies

Research on the success rates of culture change programmes has found that only 10 to 20 percent meet expectations. John Laurent of Action Learning worked as lead consultant in a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) funded culture change programme involving six companies during 2012. John shares rare insights into why some of the organisations experiencing the same programme were able to make a successful culture change and others didn't.Read more about Culture Change here >